Best Organic Dog Food Brands (Reviewed in 2019)

You might be wondering what makes organic food so good for our dogs. The answer is simple: for the same reason, it’s good for us. It’s made out of the best possible natural ingredients without any artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives. That means that the meat in it comes from free-range chickens and grass-fed cattle, as well as fruits and vegetables that were grown without any chemicals.

Though it is a pricier option, it might be a good decision to make for various reasons:

  1. It helps prevent allergies.
  2. It’s good for dogs with fussy appetites and digestive problems.
  3. It makes our dog’s hair glow.

Since it provides the organism with all the necessary minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids without any chemicals whatsoever, it makes our dog look bright-eyed, shiny and healthy.

If these benefits were enough to persuade you to switch onto organic food, here are some widely popular choices.

Best Organic Dog Food Reviews

Honest Kitchen

This brand is the pioneer pet food manufacturer in America. It uses 100% human-grade ingredients and makes the food in a human food facility.

The food itself contains free-range chicken and a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, like pumpkin, apples, bananas, and others. The company uses a dehydration technique when making food to preserve as many nutrients as possible. After some soaking in warm water, we got a healthy meal for our dog!

Castor & Pollux Canned Food

Canned food is ideal when we want to give our dog something moist and yummy, but can’t cook it by ourselves. This brand it an optimal choice if you want your doggo to function properly and have a lovely coat.

All products this brand offers have a verified non-GMO stamp on them so you can be sure they’re organic.

Wellness CORE

Having 80% more meat (and with it a lot of protein) than most other marketed dry dog foods, this food is the best option for active dogs with a large muscle mass. Besides that, it has the optimum complex of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics — you name it, it has it! Because of all the goods, it’s on the pricier side.

Merrick Grain

An excellent choice if your dog is allergic to poultry! This food’s primary ingredient is Texas beef, which makes it perfect if your dog is a picky eater as well. Of course, besides meat, this food contains a complex of fruits and veggies for a balanced meal. Besides, its universal formula makes it good for all breeds and age!

Rachael Ray Nutrish

A chef that feeds even our dogs! With its non-GMO, US made formula, this food is rich in vegetable fibers and high-quality protein for balanced nutrition. And what’s even better — it’s reasonably priced!


When buying organic food, look for the non-GMO stamp on the packaging. Besides that, whole meat should be the primary ingredient but complemented with a good supply of other healthy nutrients. With this type of food, you really can’t go wrong whether your pooch is a sensitive eater or not.

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