Well, hello there! Are you interested in learning about new ways to help our canine friends? We’re happy to lend a hand!

After all, who better to educate people about dogs than a group of pup fanatics and pet experts? Here at Library Dogs, we make it a point to educate the average dog owners as well as the Good Samaritans who just want to help all dogs.

Our Team

Somebody has to speak up for poor neglected pups everywhere, and we’re more than ready to take on the task! Everyone on our team shares a deep love and respect for dogs. We have decades of experience rescuing and taking care of dogs, and we’re uniquely qualified to write about the puppy problems that plague many dog owners.
Where to find dogs that are in need of homes, how to train them — these questions are only the beginning of any dog owner’s journey. Then, there are various intricacies of a dog’s life — from their food to their medical needs and beyond. But don’t worry, we can help. Between our expert writers and our devoted community, you’re sure to find the knowledge you’re looking for right here.

Sharing Our Knowledge

The best thing about having a team of canine experts on hand is that we get to educate our readers. Thanks to our devoted team, we get to bring you the latest news. We’ll also recommend all the best doggy toys, training treats, and tools. Which products are must-haves and which ones can you leave on the shelf? You can find out right here.

Furthermore, we’ll also take the time to go over all the tried and true behavioral training techniques that’ll work on even the most badly behaved pooch. Trust us, even the most anxious and vocal dog can learn to relax and settle down. All it takes is a little love and some positive reinforcement!

Aside from our own experts, you’ll also hear from a bevy of veterinarians and trainers. We might even bring on a few rescue workers since our primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and resettle as many abused dogs as we can.

How We Help Dogs

As we have mentioned, Library Dogs primarily deals with abandoned or abused dogs. We take pride in finding better families for our canine companions. Furthermore, we also like to keep an eye out for other non-profit organizations who are doing the same!

Aside from presenting the best dog food and equipment, we’ll also highlight pet charity events as well as feature dogs that are looking for new homes. Our wonderful staff volunteers to bring you the best of the best. Clearly, that includes some of the most marvelous mutts we’ve ever seen!

There are several ways for you to contribute to the cause. Library Dogs has offices across the USA, and we happily accept volunteers. We spread our message through cooperation and education, and you can assist us with both. Share this site with as many dog enthusiasts as you know if you’d like to help us spread our message.

After all: Dogs Deserve Better!